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How many times have you wondered if the time is right for a change you've been thinking about for some time? And how many times have you been assured that you should start your own business, go after your dreams and enjoy what you do?

Our "turning point" came in early 2021, when Anamaria broke her leg. Time spent in recovery and forced sleep crystallized the idea for a business startup. Hence our previous collaboration on a project, through which we got to know each other, quickly turned into an idea in the opening of a boutique agency with the significant name "Break a leg! which came as a logical sequel to the whole story. Given the positive connotation of the meaning of the saying "break a leg" = "good luck", we did not hesitate for a moment about the name of the company.

We know very well that to talk about oneself is one of the hardest things one has to do so we asked our loved ones, who know us well, to do it for us. 

Anamaria Petani Čvrljak

Anamaria Petani Čvrljak

Motivated storyteller
& brand strategist

Marina about Anamaria

Anamaria has always been a communicative and creative person. She chose a profession in which she knew she would be able to show her full potential. Moreover, she is a person who likes to see how things are done in the best possible way and always strives to find the best solution for each problem. That is why the fracture of her leg (which eventually resulted in the launch of her own agency "Break a leg!) is probably one of the better things that happened to her in 2021.

She lives according to her own emotions; not in the sense that they lead her through life (although she still cries "like a rainy year" watching the movie Notebook for the umpteenth time), but has a very good intuition and empathy for the people around her. From the outside, she may seem quite relaxed and spontaneous, but believe me – she always analyzes and questions, sometimes even too much! But it's all just part of her charm. This is why we get along so well, I'm a kind of "down" to her "up", neutrality versus her euphoria.

Anamaria loves to explore new places, enjoy good food, find interesting pieces of clothing with which she brings additional vibrancy to her distinctive style. She already knows at first glance what she will pair with existing garments in her closet.

And she does it spontaneously, without thinking. She loves photography and is careful with the details. You will find every important moment in her day on her Instagram story – so don't hold it against her if she talks to you in parallel and scrolls on her phone – the life of a "multitasking maniac" is much more complex than you can imagine!

Even with the most ordinary story, Anamaria will completely intrigue you, you just need to get comfortable and let go. Reliability, heartiness, and an infectious smile are some of her qualities that will completely win you over!

Ivana Lončar Mašina

Ivana Lončar Mašina

Dedicated project manager
& communication expert

Ivana about Ivana

"What are you going to be when you grow up?" they once asked a three-year-old Ivana, and she replied, "like a cannon": a hairdresser! Admittedly, she didn't become a hairdresser, but to be fair, a woman knows how to handle her hair! And so, when she had not already achieved her childhood dream, Ivana threw herself on other spheres for which she was gifted: numbers games, public relations, strategic planning, foreign languages, psychoanalysis, life coaching, interior design, tourism, gardening, and the like, or in this case, and different.

Ivana, as a successful and exemplary student of the Faculty of Tourism Management in Opatija, arrives at the bank known as Dalmatinska at the time, and after realizing in a year how things work, she takes over the newly established marketing department, which under her professional and visionary leadership grows into the Directorate of Marketing and Corporate Communications first of Dalmatinska bank, then Nova bank and OTP bank (Dear Lord, how many banks is that!?!?).

After good #twentysomeyears in this demanding managerial position, Ivana finally listens to herself, puts all her strict business suits in the closet, puts on sneakers, and runs into entrepreneurial waters.

Now, where did she get the idea of getting involved in an adult education project in the field of cultural heritage; where does VISION of how to connect the sea, land, rivers, and mountains and organize a sporting event comes from; where does the strength and commitment to make REALIZATION impeccable and flawless come from?

Probably through constant improvement and training, but certainly through experiences gathered during cycling, hiking, trails, socializing with many friends and colleagues, and reading everything she gets her hands on. It doesn't matter, though, it's important that she "picked it all up to the last crumb" and took it with her into this new imaginative project called "Break a leg!"

Gardening? Oh well, we're not going to push it now...

Gabriela Pestić

Gabriela Pestić

Innovation enthusiast
& creative visionary

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